The Guernsey Conservation Volunteers are proud to help conserve Guernsey’s natural environment.


We have work parties at 10am every other Saturday morning throughout the year. These work parties are an opportunity to go outdoors to do hands-on conservation work in Guernsey’s natural environment while visiting new places, learning new skills and making new friends.


Work parties usually take place every other Saturday morning throughout the year; work parties start at 10am and usually finish around 12.30pm. Social events also take place throughout the year and are listed here too.


The events for the third quarter of 2020 are listed here:

  • Les Tielles, Torteval
    Doing: Removing sour fig.
    Park: In the car park at Les Tielles.
    Working: Either side of the cliff path, near to the car park. You should be able to see us when yo...

  • La Mare Huchon douit, St Sampson's
    Doing: Cutting vegetation along the edge of the douit
    Park: Drive past the Peninsula Hotel and park in the car park on the right with all the boats in i...

  • Talbot Valley, Castel
    Doing: Raking the cut orchid meadow
    Park: In the Ron Short Walk car park, Talbot Valley.
    Working: Walk out of the car park, turn left, walk along the road until...

    This annual meeting was delayed due to lockdown but can now take place.
    The meeting will be followed by lunch at The Pony Inn.

  • Les Tielles, Torteval
    Doing: Removing sour fig
    Park: In the car park at Les Tielles.
    Working: Either side of the cliff path, near to the car park. You should be able to see us when y...

  • Jerbourg, St Martin's
    Doing: Raking the cut orchid meadow
    Park: In the car park over the road from the Doyle monument.
    Working: Walk out of the far end of the car park, away from the ...

  • Hougue Patris, Vale
    Doing: Raking the cut orchid meadow.
    Park:  Park in the Fort Doyle car park.
    Working: Walk back down the road, we are working in a field just past a bungalow on t...

About us

The Guernsey Conservation Volunteers have been helping to conserve Guernsey’s natural environment since 1996. We work on many beautiful sites and nature reserves around the island to maintain and enhance the biodiversity of the area. Most of our work is for La Societe Guernesiaise, the National Trust of Guernsey and the States of Guernsey. The group also occasionally works on Lihou Island, Herm and Alderney. 


Our work parties mostly reflect the seasons with tree care taking place during the winter months; removing hemlock water dropwort during spring; hay raking during the summer and reed bed work during the autumn.
Removing sour fig is also a very important project for us because this non-native, invasive plant has a negative impact on our native species. After completing our very successful project to remove this plant around Fort Pezeries; we are now working to remove sour fig at Les Tielles on the south coast of Guernsey. We have already removed a large area of fig and seen a range of native plants start to grow; these plants provide food for a variety of insects. This increase in biodiversity is important to our island and the natural world.

Our aims, which support the Biodiversity Strategy for Guernsey, are as follows:
  • To increase public awareness of Guernsey’s diminishing natural environment
  • To provide a resource for the implementation of projects which create, enhance or protect sites of nature conservation importance
  • To promote practical conservation through volunteers for the benefit of the community
  • To educate volunteers in the principles and practice of conservation
  • To have fun outdoors whilst learning new skills and meeting people

Get Involved

Work parties take place every other Saturday morning at 10am and anyone aged 16-60+ is welcome to come along. It is not necessary to have previous conservation experience as training will be given at the start of each work party. All tools and gloves are provided. It is a good idea to wear old clothes and bring along sturdy boots or wellies. There is always a break during the morning to enjoy a biscuit and a chat so it’s a good idea to bring along a drink.


Commitment is up to the individual. There are some people who come to most work parties and others who come along every few months. Whenever you come to a work party we appreciate your help and the part you play in conserving Guernsey’s natural environment.

As a charity with little income, we ask that volunteers pay a small annual subscription to help towards the running costs of the group. New volunteers can attend three work parties before we ask if you would like to join the group. This gives you the chance to try out a variety of activities in different places and meet other volunteers. On joining, you will receive a t-shirt and work gloves.



If you would like to join us at a work party please contact the group coordinator, Angela, before coming along. The group coordinator can give you the necessary details and directions for the work party as well as answering any questions you may have. Angela can be contacted at:

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You can also find up to date information or contact us on Facebook.